Clarity Sign and Design work with a wide variety of materials suited to signs and other display products.

Our extensive knowledge base of material properties and characteristics allows us to recommend and advise our clients as to the most appropriate substrate for any particular application.  Some of the materials we work in are listed to the right - please contact us if you have specific requirements. 


  • Steels

  • Stainless steel - 304, 316

  • Non-ferrous metals: Copper, Brass, Aluminium

  • Aluminium - cast, extruded, plate, sheet


  • ABS

  • PVC - banners, flags, coated fabrics

  • Expanded PVC (PAlight®, Foamalux®)

  • Nylon

  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene (Dyneema®, Spectra®, Polystone® etc)

  • Acrylic (Lucite®, Acrylite®, Limacryl® etc)


  • Aluminium composite (Di-bond®, Reynobond®, Alupanel® etc)

  • GRP