Water-Jet cutting

Utilising an jet of intensely pressurised water focussed to an extremely fine point through a precision machined diamond, water-jet cutting is arguably one of the fastest growing machining techniques available to the modern engineer.


Softer materials such as rubbers and plastics utilise water only, but for harder materials  a granular abrasive is metered into the stream and this allows practical cutting of the hardest metals and minerals; granite, titanium, stainless steels are easily dealt with.


Clarity utilises a machine with a bed-size of approximately 1sqm and a carriage height of roughly 150mm allowing an enormous range of materials to be handled.


The cutting head is controlled by a state-of-the-art CNC controller allowing for high precision work combined with a high work rate.


Water-jet cutting offers a number of benefits over other alternative cutting techniques:-

  • Cuts virtually any material

  • No heat generated - a cold cutting process

  • Leaves a quality finish with little or no post-finishing required

  • Can machine composite materials in one pass